How does the brain transform experiences into memories, and how does memory influence experience? We study how attention and perception affect what we remember, and

how memory can in turn guide our attention, perception, and goal-directed behavior. 

the latest news

Congratulations to Caroline, whose paper was just published in eLife! In a collaboration with Chris Baldassano, we discovered hierarchical anticipatory signals in the brain! The paper is posted on our Publications page.

Congrats to Paul, whose registered report was accepted in principle at Memory! He's exploring how music might affect autobiographical memory retrieval.

Check it out on our Publications page. 

Congrats to Nick and Monica! Their work on how nicotine affects hippocampal attention and perception is now published in Behavioral Neuroscience.

See our publications page for the link!

our philosophy

We like to do good science and have fun. At the same time, but also separately.

We are strongly committed to providing a positive, supportive lab environment. To learn more, read our lab manual.